Water of life

Hi everyone, we hope you have had a blessed week!

We wanted to share with you the news of our FIRST publication, Living Water – daily devotional for living in the commands of the Most High God.

Each month is based on a command, and the pages have only scriptures.

It is modeled after a book my brother gave to me by Leo Tolstoy, which quotes wisdom from religious books and otherwise, along with some Tolstoy’s own interpretation. I go back to it year after year, always taking something new from it. In this case, we have let the scriptures speak for themselves.

Each month is a study in a commandment, and the verses for that month embody or reflect said commandment. There is no writing prompt, to keep it somewhat timeless, with the idea you will go back to it year after year for reflection.

There is quite a bit of empty space on the pages, however. . . and you may fill it with notes, art, anything you’d like 😌

We have choosen these scriptures with the guidance of the Holy Spirit as a labor of love to teach ourselves how we should walk and lead by example. We have proudly used the Berean Study Bible translation, as they graciously allow use of 2000 verses without written copyright consent (or monetary compensation).

The e-book available firstly on Friday February 12, 2021, the hardcover will become available shortly after.

We look forward to sharing the fruits of the Spirit with you! Enjoy your Sabbath and your weekend, all praise to the King of Kings!

– Jessie & Chelsea

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  1. HolySpiritWind says:

    That’s awesome Jessie praise the Lord!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙏✨Amen Jeff! I am so excited, it took me longer than I thought it would but it’s almost done!! He is so good all the time, pray you are well


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