Get up, Stand up

I am having a hard time right now speaking up. I have said many things in opposition to what the general opinion of, well, everything is. More often than not, I get silenced with aggression before I complete a sentence or let alone explain what I am saying. . . with justification, facts and numbers!

This verse image was sitting in my draft posts and I realized – this is why put the image together. This is happening right now, we are being trodden down by evil silencers of the truth. I cannot express my mourning for humanity in any phrase or articulate form. It is breaking my heart.

You went forth for the salvation of Your people, to save Your anointed. You cursed the head of the house of the wicked and stripped him from head to toe. Selah.

Habakkuk 3:13

We have to go forth, no matter the cost. I have already been disconnected from several friends who think I am a lunatic for proclaiming the truth. I suppose then, this is selflessness and obedience, so I will do as I should. To know what is right and not do it is sin.

Anyone, then, who knows the right thing to do, yet fails to do it, is guilty of sin.

James 4:!7

The problem is, the truth sounds so terrible, insane and incomprehensible to the average person that they are going to combat it. Or just stay asleep because that is easier. The elites and the powers that run this evil world totally set it up that way. Now – people in truth and light are being demonized for simply speaking in opposition to what the media says.

Remember, then, what you have received and heard. Keep it and repent. If you do not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know the hour when I will come upon you.

Revelation 3:3

I just can’t believe I am watching my family and friends get fooled and manipulated by the agenda of mass slavery and indoctrination – and they would rather argue with me, discredit me or ignore me than have a conversation about what is actually happening right now.

What’s happening is – the truth is coming to the surface. The people involved in said corruption are covering up – surprise surprise – and flipping the script to make us who care about the future of humanity and the safety of our body, mind soul are made out to be some kind of enemies of the state.

I am here to say that this platform God has asked me to use to publish and print his word – is going to be used for the truth and nothing but.

This means I will lose family members trust, I will lose more friends. These are the two things I value most in life – does anyone think that we the people who state the truth are losing our most valuable possessions in this world for the sake of – what? Why would I spout some lies and nonsense at the risk of losing everything?

To save souls – that’s why. God wants us to stand up. We have to stand up now.

I also know that saying God spoke to me and told me things is also going to make people question my sanity, for it already has. But I have to do what I know in my heart is the truth so. . .

I am posting word given to me on January 7, 2021

Dearest Ones

Beloved – I know you are full of weeping. And so it is – lo – time. Time for you to rise – rise up – fast- pray preach the gospel to those who have ears to hear.

There will be many who detest you for this. Fear not – it is I they wish to destroy not you my child.

And they cannot destroy me – their schemes are infantile – their words are full of circles and never ending points – all consuming each other.

Listen not to this madness – they have driven themselves mad in trying to do so unto you. Please be guarded & weary – the time draws nigh.

All those who seek me – they shall find.

Continue to everyday until my return.

I love you my precious ones. They may call you names, slander you, belittle and mock you –

But lo – I am the Lord and my children shall not be mocked without recompense.

Be strong, fast, pray. Love goodness with all of your heart, loathe evil the same.

I am coming for you my beautiful bride. Please, be ready.

Prepare your hearts, I love you –


Amen. I pray you are all blessed, and stay focused and keep your eyes on the Father.

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