Oh little Mustard Seeds, please germinate!

21“Truly I tell you,” Jesus replied, “if you have faith and do not doubt, not only will you do what was done to the fig tree, { it had just withered at the command of Jesus} but even if you say to this mountain, ‘Be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ it will happen.

22 If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”

Matthew 21:21-22

If you ask Him and truly believe, so it shall be.

When I was little, I used to pray for signs from God.

Signs like, rain out of nowhere, lightning strikes, thunder, sheep outside…etc. I remember that I never really expected any of those things to happen per my request. But I am sure at some point, I was disappointed that rainbows didn’t appear our of thin air to validate my belief in God…

I can tell you – for me this has been a year of many, mini miracles. Received quite a bit of bad news, but honestly are always blessings in disguise.

It was haling a couple of months ago. I had just transplanted all of my baby vegetables, and here comes – a lovely, hard rain. Oh! And also hail. While I stood there for about 25 seconds just dreading what was going to be left of the newly massacred sproutlets I thought – wait! Why haven’t you prayed for it to stop? And in that moment – as I prayed for it to stop – it truly did. Just as quick as I thought it, He made the hail just stop.


I thought this was truly a blessing, Praised God for sparing my little sprouts. I realized – it is all in His hands. Even the best farmer knows, it’s all in God’s hands in the endgame of the harvest.

As silly as this sounds, honesty like something a child would pray for – I prayed for bluebirds to take up residence in my mothers favorite birdhouse. She had been quite worried they weren’t coming this year- and so I put in a request with Fatber that could there please be some bluebirds this spring? It would make her super happy 🙂

Next morning – first blue bird sighting! I couldn’t believe it! The very next day! She had no idea so I obviously kept my excitement to myself but I am sharing with you now – He answers prayers! He told us if you believe what you ask, it shall be yours!

There may be people who might say these things were merely just coincidences – but I truly don’t believe in those!

Take authority in Christ – ask for your blessings.

God wants to do miracles for you!

The first time I saw a field of fully grown mustard seed in a field in Alabama, I pulled over to photograph it with my Bronica – it was breathtaking. The colors were so gorgeous – standing in a ditch bedside of the field – I couldn’t believe how massively big that plant was! I ended up using the whole roll of film on that beautiful yellow field.

He is so majestic in his ways. I am truly in awe.

I wasn’t a believer at the time. But once i learned about the parable of the mustard seed – knowing how the awesomeness of the tiny seeds stature that was achieved through growth – I get that very same awesome feeling x1000000000 in Christ – and the memory and verses alike have such poetic prophetic meaning for me.

I have been praying for healing for years, for several things. But the other day, I got a prayer answered for one of those healings. I don’t really want to go into detail about it, but even as it happened casually in the physically realm – I do know it was influenced 100 percent by God in the supernatural.

Basically – I had a bunch of cysts on my joints in my hands. I went to the doctor – reluctantly – and was informed that only surgery was in question. I of course, didn’t want to have surgery. Years ago, i had had a similar situation and the doctor popped it with a needle. I didn’t understand why surgery was the only option, and it was only if i was in pain or wanted it removed for cosmetic reasons. He said they swell and shrink, come and go. It wasn’t in his option necessary to remove them.

Flash forward to last week, and one joint in particular had a very large, [sorry this is kind of gross] cyst that was not going away but was getting in my way. Grabbing things, holding the steering wheel, doorknobs etc, were getting a little irritating to it. I had been at the beach with my family, it was really hurting and I was really worried that I was going to have to undergo surgery for some silly thing [especially because there are other, more serious medical issues at the moment] I was really upset at this thought and prayed like I had been for some other way.

Then – a few nights ago… I was getting a giant 3 gallon water bottle out of my car. I had grabbed it by the handle and lifted it up and over the middle console, then after I had cleared the vehicle dropped it down in my grip.

Ouch! I thought… It must of hit my joint hard. I went inside and set the bottle down. I went to see about my finger, as it was a little sore. And – IT WAS GONE! The giant protruding lump on my joint at the base of my middle finger on my right hand. Been there for 16 months – just had popped and was GONE! I really couldn’t believe it.

Surgery – HA! Ha I say.

He had answered my prayer, and healed me without more suffering. No surgery, no more doctors for that in particular. Just – gone.

No matter how small or big the matter you are going through right now – don’t give up! Don’t stop praying! Farmers have to wait and wait and trust that the seeds are going to sprout.

Don’t give up! Keep trusting in your faith in Him.

It’s all in His timing.

Praise God for Mercy, Healing and Kindness. He will do miracles for you!

Praise and believe in the will and mercy of Our Father and so it shall be!


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