Jesus said to be empty and full at the same time…

The other day, as I bit into a very delicious piece of pineapple, I was gently reminded of the importance of balance and harmony.

I had been fasting that day, and so when I tasted that pineapple. . . it was extra cold, crisp, juicy; absolutely mouth watering delicious. I was thinking to myself. . . Like, why would I ever eat anything but this tropical treasure?

I couldn’t find an answer. It made me so happy. The realization, no matter how many times you’ve experienced it- of how truly amazing something is – creates a special spark that breathes hope, creativity and joy into the monotony of life.

Like, water. You know, when you’re extremely dehydrated, detached and for 6-10 hours forget that water is life and then – that one sip, is just – the most glorious reminder.

This resonated and brought to mind Jesus’ teaching of fullness and lacking.

It’s so easy to forget things as humans. In my opinion, it’s our biggest weakness. The good thing is – we have our loved ones and the Holy Spirit to remind us sometimes.

On hearing this, Jesus told him,

“You still lack one thing: Sell everything you own and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow Me.”

Luke 18:22 Berean Study Bible

Jesus stated many times in the gnostic texts – in many of His revelations to His disciples – to be full and to lack nothing – at the same time. Because if you are full, you can’t be empty. And so if you are fully lacking, therefore you cannot be full. Just as He instructed the disciples in Luke 18:22 – to sell all of their belongings, – that the one thing they lacked – was to remove the fullness of the world.

15 “. . .Hence, you should be lacking when you are filled, and filled when you are lacking because then you can be filled even more.”


The Secret Book Of James as Translated my Marvin W. Meyer

In my spirit, I felt a nuance – a comparison to the balance of Qi – this is what it means to have harmony. To lack and to be full at the same time.

That one, tiny little taste of pineapple was so filling,

I was overfilled with joy. I know it sounds silly, but it is true.

But sometimes, I get sad knowing the joy will be gone soon. That – this moment that is resonating and bringing so much happiness – will soon turn to nothing – and then I get so sad. I rob myself of the joy before it leaves naturally. I mess up the flow of the awareness and gratitude. And thereby create unnecessary suffering.

I have talked about this before on this site – how many of us – followers of Jesus, of the Truth, seekers of wisdom – are full of joy and sadness all at the same time. So grateful – but the awareness for what is really happening in the world is equally as sorrrowful – and we have to feel that, most of the time.

In Matthew 9:15, I feel this is what Jesus is meaning. Live in the present and act according to what is really happening and have an awareness for the fact of the matter.

Between the animals that are being massacred, food processing plants being burned down, and the perfectly healthy people that are just passing away for seemingly no reason at all – there are a lot of reasons to be full of sorrow and lose hope. I know that every day I have to hold onto something, and that the future is almost impossible to see – but even though all of these terrible things are happening – I still am reminded to look out and just listen to the birds – sometimes it makes me happy, sometimes…it makes me sad. Its as simple as that.

Well, at least I feel conflicted in that way, quite often actually. And even that in itself is beautiful; however, that declicious pineapple reminded me of my gratitude for even being able to taste such a miracle.

It brought me balance upon remembering – remembering from the tasting – feeling its crisp and coolness, matching the rain outside – that we need again so badly. . .

But even still – it is well. Hot, cold. Dry, wet. First, last. Full, and lacking.

Thanks for listening. I will leave you with some words I felt in my spirit after this resonance.

If you are full of truth and righteousness –

Then it must be so that you are empty

of lies and deceit.

From the Holy Spirit

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