Early spring…

The startling early tree buds made me worry this year. On Jan 6, the dormant flowers in my garden were blooming in the strange weather phenomena that – lets just say – doesn’t seem to be all that natural as of the last several years…

Anyways – I heard in my spirit as I was conflicted with joy of color and hope of spring and sadness that they are trying to kill the crops and the fields and the everything – I heard the Holy Spirit say –

Do not fear, as I am bringing early the light into this darkness. The hope you feel – feel it, embrace it – for it is why I have brought early the gift of spring this year. Lo – What I have established is set in stone – no man can destroy.

For I am the Almighty Creator. I create and destroy – I need no help, no energy, no magic to do as I please. I am self existing and I will return you to your righteousness, in your place as I intended.


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