He is Majesty…Be Patient. Be ready.

I have noticed this strange feeling recently – some might call it peace. That even though all of these terrible things are happening, I feel the peace. I feel Him comforting me. Because I can tell you after all the atrocities we have learned of in recent years, there is no way I could handle that knowledge without Him.

There is description of Jesus in the Archo Volumes (which is the only reason I bought it) and it contains interviews with Mary, Joseph and a companion of His he shared wisdom with in his youth. Their accounts give the impression that Jesus was never mad or argued with others when He was a child, neither argumentative or competitive. He felt for them, empathized in a frustrated manner. He was always sorrowful and compassionate to others others.

I feel this helps make sense of the extreme feelings we as believers can have for the blind and the lost. We are God’s children, and we were designed to be like Christ – both full and empty. Both constantly Joyful and full of His Praise while also sorrow and weeping for the lost, poor and sick alike.

I am going to stick to the bible and apocrypha for this blog, but something from the Book of Thomas made me chuckle the other night – and I feel it worth repeating here.

Matthew is writing, Jesus is speaking to Judas Thomas –

So, my brother Thomas, you have seen what is hidden from people, what they stumble over in their ignorance.

Thomas said to the Lord, “For this reason, I beg you to tell me what I ask before your ascension. When I hear from you about the things that are hidden, then I can speak of them.

For it is clear to me that the truth is hard to accomplish

in front of people.”

From The Secret Teachings of Jesus Christ, the Book of Thomas

Oh man, that was a good one Thomas.

Notice how Thomas says when I hear from you, then he can speak of them.

Not of any other accord or telephone line.

I know it can feel impossible right now to show people the truth – but we have to do what were here to do. . . .with compassion and understanding. Be kind and explain, be patient.

Let’s pick up where we left off – with the 2’s and Uriel being in charge of destruction and stuff.

So – it seems Uriel is always the one present whenever there is news of impending doom in the bible – Enoch is shown by Uriel many wonders as well as catastrophes – he also delivers Daniel many mysteries about the end of time. He also shows Esdra much sorrow and prophetic imagery of what is to come.

If you are just joining us here at Feet of Peace. . . I encourage you to read the previous 2 posts, as it will help clarify significance in this post.

And welcome back everyone who is following this message the Holy Spirit has given me! I appreciate your willingness to find answers and patience in connecting the dots.

It is a lot, which is why it has taken me so long to put it together, and it might not all make sense to everyone but the hope is there is something to be gained no matter – and I don’t want to leave out any piece He’s given me. . Also – I had recorded all of this verbally and the evil one hijacked my file so I pray Heavenly Father that you please protect this message and my writing it in your instruction – please lead me. Amen.

In early July I went on a beach vacation, one that I was definitely hesitant to attend in the current state of weather controlled affairs. But God is always good and I didn’t want to be a bummer on vacation . . .

Speaking of 2’s, our vacation house address was in fact 222.

My brining up of the numbers is not to direct the attention to the numbers so much as to show that I feel the constant reminder of Uriel’s reign over despair and that it indeed is almost upon us. But theres also comfort, in that confirmation!

While I was there, I had 2 strange dreams that I knew I should take note of.

First dream – I think it was the second or third night. I was at my house, on the south east side of the house. It was mid – day. We were defending our territory. I could see my friends hair as I turned, and I could tell we were protecting and fighting off something, but – I coudn’t really see who or what. It was very much pleasant weather, and when I think about it now, I might feel a bit alarmed but – I remeber in the dream I was not afraid.

But then I heard or felt something, and I turned around and looked up behind me, seeing my frined’s hair as I turned, and then like the in the style of batman shadow on a puffy white cloud, was an angel shadow, like a silhouette – blowing a trumpet with a symbol in front of the horn. I turned back, all very quickly, I remember saying,/thinking/feeling oh! it is starting. Like exciting! I was excited! So I turned and tapped my friend on the shoulder to tell her to look, and it was gone. The feeling I had was – then – Uh oh…. it’s too late.

Immediately when I woke up and remembered it all in totality – which doesn’t happen often anymore – I felt the message being delivered was – when you know something – anything – truth be must told. You have to tell them. If you wait, squander your intuition – it will have have consequences. There are many things I need to tell many people. Satan is trying to silence God’s people right now from blowing the trumpet – from warning. Things seem to be speeding up.

If you have wisdom, knowledge that can benefit others and you don’t tell them – it’s hurting everyone.

Even if no one listens or believes, that is out of your control and in God’s hands and shouldn’t be a reason not to say anything. You still have to tell the truth when you know whatever part of it is you possess. That’s the power. Its in the Truth and the Truth is the Word and the Word is Jesus and Jesus is God as an expression of Himself in the quantum level physicality.

I scribbled the shadow of what I though the character was next to the trumpet and realized that it was an aleph – beginning. I am not saying or proclaiming any dates of anything – I am not prophesying. I have been warned and I am warning the people because if you have wisdom that’s what you do.

What I take from this is – tell them, whoever what ever needs to be told – before its too late.

What I am saying is – get ready. Get ready, now. Before its too late.

Most people aren’t going to listen. God will find a way, but any little seeds we can plant will help, do not let the enemy discourage you from little victories.

The 7th month, Tishri, and the appointed feasts are upon us – and with that in mind the warning can have many different connotations. I could go into many but I feel most can just take this for personal interpretation. Feast of New Wine, Feast of Trumpets, Feast of Tabernacles – this is the good stuff! What we’ve been waiting all year for!

The Second Dream was – we were on a cliff – it was dark and muggy and unpleasant – – myself and a stranger. I had my backpack and we were very high up. I was trying to cross over a narrow rocky pass – I went to toss my backpack to a friendly stranger and it fell – down. . . . far. I crossed over carefully and realised it would be easier to travel without those things I thought I’d needed.

This also seemed like a warning – like maybe to over prepare physically may be detrimental to our spiritual ability to succeed. No more distractions. No more just unnecessary, superfluous stuff in our peripherals.

The morning of departure from the beach, I went out at sunrise to shoot the rest of my roll of film – not very common for me to do anymore but the clouds at the beach are always so beautiful –

So I went out – it was hazy red and the sun was coming up from behind me and to the left, we were in the Gulf – and in front of me was this harrowing red mist cloud about the horizon. It was so calm and peaceful. I shot a few photos, and then felt like I should go down and help them pack the car – even though, I know they didn’t need me, and I didn’t want to leave. . I had a couple photos left and I would take one of mom and my brother before we left.

Moving towards the door to turn the handle, and I heard ”Wait.”

So, I did! I turned back around. And within maybe 15/20 seconds , the hovering misty cloud turned red-yellow-blue and then BAM! Rainbow shot out of the ocean. Into the sky. just straight up in front of me.

Boy was I glad I listened, and waited. and got to enjoy His beautiful Majesty.

Its truly miraculous when you open your bible to something that is so direct.

I have been praying and contemplating the pieces of this post, with must urgency but still without all answers.

This last Sabbath, when I went to read, my Bible opened up to the Greek version of Esther containing the additional chapters. Never would have even noticed there was another Ester on my own volition. This is the New Standard Revised Edition, and it contains the Apocrypha and additions to existing canon. In this instance, it has an addition to Ester, with is also arranged chronologically, and so it begins with Mordecai’s prophetic dream, chapters 11 & 12, on the first day of Nisan – which is the first month of the Hebrew & Enoch Calendar.

Moredecai’s dream Esther Chapter 11 – … 5 ”Noises and confusion, thunders, and earthquake, tumult on the earth! 6 Then two great dragons came forward, both ready to fight, and they roared terribly. At their roaring every nation prepared for war, to fight against the righteous nations. It was a day of darkness and gloom, of tribulation and distress, affliction and great tumult on the earth! And the whole righteous nation was troubled; they feared the evils that threatened them and were ready to perish. Then, they cried out tot God; and at their outcry as thought from a tiny spring, there came a great river with abundant water, light came and the sun rose and the lowly were exalted and devoured those held in honor.

12 Mordecai saw in this dream what God had determined to do, and when he awoke he had it on his mind, seeking all day to understand it in every detail.

Seek every detail.

The spring that came a great river – what a beautiful sight!

I have been reading about the Sun Moon and Wind Portals in Enoch, and specicfally there are 177 days in 1/2 a lunar year. This 365 1/4 day stuff is nonsensical. God is perfect and so are His heavenly bodies.

Chapter 1 is basically – right after Rosh Hosshana, Yom Teruah/ Feast of trumpets and during Atonement and Festival of Taberancles/Booths or Sukkkot. .

The second year of reign of Artaxerxes the Great – the time was celebrating 180 days later from the day one of Nisan.

And what are they doing? Oh! He’s got gold and silver everywhere. Luscious things. . . ”bountiful celebration” with ”riches of his kingdom and the splendor of his bountiful celebration of the 180 days.” This sounds to me like Mr. Art tax man is exalting himself and his kingdom specifically during God’s appointed time… Couches for lounging and being slothy and indulgent – just everything you are not supposed to do, especially during the appointed feast time. You’re supposed to do the opposite! Mourn, lament, weep, be sorrowful and full of his praise. Fasting.

He even celebrated himself and his kingdom bounty 8 days! Just like Tabernacles!

Does this sound like a familiar anecdote? I feel it is a warning – that while we praise Him, others are going to continue to adore themselves and ignore the truth.

There are a lot of people praising themselves and science and wisdom such right now (not everyone but there is a serious spirit of narcicisrms and self adoration). . .

What needs to happen is humbleness.

I truly feel that in the last days He has brought us to awareness things we never would have known, because the evil one was trying to keep things hidden from us.

This feast of Tabernacles – Sukkot – Booths -dwelling: you can take this meaning literally as well as figuratively, because our Father is full of complexities and simplicities

Like Matthew 23:23 – Jesus tells the Pharisees they paye their tithes, but what His Father truly wants is mercy and compassion. Same here – people can go camp in tents all they want – but if you don’t have your house in order, your tent build on the cornerstone, the rock Jesus – then it could very easily all crumble.

I encourage everyone to look into the great appointed feast times.

Many times in the bible it is stated that in the last days, it speaks of being in tents again. His remnant honoring the feasts.

Feast of New Oil is today, the feast of Trumpets is on the 19th of September or the first day of the 7th month – Atonement is the 28th of September or the 10th day of the 7th month. Take note of the 2’s again, and the great 8th day, last day of Tabernacles falls on the 22nd day of the 7th month . I am going to write another post specifially about the feast, but it is all tied together. I use this calendar – there are many. Pray about what to follow.

Nick VanderLanns 364 day Enoch calendar

The final confirmation I have for the urgent, dire warning –

On July 23, weeks after I got back from the beach, I was driving west to the car dealership, and had to GPS because it’s out of town and I’m not familiar with the area. So I see a Zenith truck, and i get all excited cause I had looked up this truck a year before – I remembered its meaning was significant. But had only ever noticed a zenith truck ONE TIME, and the word had faded from my understanding and memory…

This time when I saw it, I felt led by the Holy Spirit to follow the truck- and I did

. . . .but left my GPS on. The numbers on the back were 332 something. It was also the 23rd.

The truck got off at my exit!

Revelation 8:13

I had passed a sign while following the truck- that said Soaring Eagle campground – hah. Tents, camping, Tabernacles, Zenith which is mid-heaven and the number in Strongs 3321. I also have been getting eagle. Lots of eagles. . . .

So, when I got back from the car dealership, and looked up zenith in the Strongs…

I am going to leave you with mesournema which is translated zenith – the verse 8:13 I heard the eagle. . .

I pray you are all blessed and kept safe in his Palm. I love you all. I hope something in this message I was given helps your understanding in some way.

He is Majesty! It is truly awe some how things align, connect and work out.

Be patient, be vigilant, be kind and love.

In Christ’s holy precious, beautiful name. Amen! ❤

Word: μεσουράνημα, ατος, τό
Part of Speech: Noun, Neuter
Transliteration: mesouranéma
Phonetic Spelling: (mes-oo-ran’-ay-mah)
Definition: the zenith, mid-heaven
Usage: mid-heaven, the middle of heaven, the zenith.NAS Exhaustive Concordance

Word Origin
from mesos and ouranos
the zenith, mid-heaven
NASB Translation
midheaven (3).https://biblehub.com/nasec.htmThayer’s Greek Lexicon

STRONGS NT 3321: μεσουράνημα μεσουράνημα, μεσουρανηματος, τό (from μεσουρανέω; the sun is said μεσουράνειν to be in mid-heaven, when it has reached the meridian), mid-heaven, the highest point in the heavens, which the sun occupies at noon. where what is done can be seen and heard by all: Revelation 8:13 (cf. Düsterdieck at the passage); . (Manetho, Plutarch, Sextus Empiricus.)  

https://biblehub.com/bsoft.htmStrong’s Exhaustive Concordancemidst of heaven. 

From a presumed compound of mesos and ouranos; mid-sky — midst of heaven.

see GREEK ouranosForms and Transliterationsμεσουρανηματι μεσουρανήματι mesouranemati mesouranēmati mesouranḗmatiLinksInterlinear Greek • Interlinear Hebrew • Strong’s Numbers • Englishman’s Greek Concordance • Englishman’s Hebrew Concordance • Parallel TextsEnglishman’s ConcordanceRevelation 8:13 N-DNS
GRK: πετομένου ἐν μεσουρανήματι λέγοντος φωνῇ
NAS: flying in midheaven, saying
KJV: through the midst of heaven, saying
INT: flying in mid-heaven saying with a voice

Revelation 8:13 N-DNS
GRK: πετομένου ἐν μεσουρανήματι λέγοντος φωνῇ
NAS: flying in midheaven, saying
KJV: through the midst of heaven, saying
INT: flying in mid-heaven saying with a voice

Revelation 14:6 N-DNS
GRK: πετόμενον ἐν μεσουρανήματι ἔχοντα εὐαγγέλιον
NAS: flying in midheaven, having
KJV: in the midst of heaven, having
INT: flying in mid-heaven having [the] glad tidings

Revelation 19:17 N-DNS
GRK: πετομένοις ἐν μεσουρανήματι Δεῦτε συνάχθητε
NAS: which fly in midheaven, Come,
KJV: in the midst of heaven, Come
INT: fly in mid-heaven Come gather yourselves

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