Breaking the Spirit of Forgetfulness as we pray for Mercy & Understanding : Remind the Lost Who They Are

Good Morning!

I am being reminded constantly by the Holy Spirit. . . it’s so easy to forget. There is a recording by Alisson Krauss and the Cox family “Remind me, Dear Lord..

”Just remember, I’m a human….and humans forget. So remind me, remind me dear Lord.”

The veil of forgetfullness is heavy on this nation and it’s people.

Satan wants you distracted; but at least we are aware of it and have the ability to fight back.

These people we love that are lost, blind and oblivious – they don’t have that awareness.

The awareness that – their free will is being stolen. God gave us free will, and satan wants to take it away.

I have been thinking of this present v—nation situation as satan’s counterfeit of the Great Flood. He’s trying to wipe out God’s children, with this e vil potion. Not even just wipe them out, but take them as his own never to be able to return to the Father.

In order to help them, I think the best thing we can do at this point in time is pray for them to be reminded that they are God’s children. Pray for the veil of forgetfulness to be broken and lifted.

This veil is so dark, heavy with evil that its practically blanketing the whole world at the moment. We have to unravel this evil – we must. It’s our job, we are His warriors. We have to fight.

Our Joy from Christ is a most powerful weapon against lies and a reminder to the lost.

Be both full and empty, of sorrow and praise – lets help lift this veil off of our brothers and sisters – let them see how God can take their burdens an heaviness and show them the light through it all.

It is getting very late, almost discouraging sometimes its so late but – Fear Not!

For He has already won ❤

Let’s Pray –

Dear Heavenly Father –

We are so grateful to have this community of your family through the internet – as we know You can use ALL THINGS for your glory –

We ask that you send your angels of mercy to lift the veil of forgetfulness on your people, to let the Truth shine though – your Word and your Light.

Father we ask that you please soften the hearts of those who have forgotten, whose hearts have harden by this sorrow filled plane, who have been deceived by the evil one.

We pray in Jesus’ Holy name that this curse be broken, that the merciful angels blow their winds, disrupt the veil, soften the hearts and let Christ shine through His rightful place on the throne and let Him fill their hearts – and soften their hearts to the truth. Bring them to awareness so that they may be prepared and not surprised, of what is to come.

We pray against the spirit of forgetfulness in Christ’s Holy name –

We rebuke confusion, deceit and deception in Christ’s beautiful Holy name –

We rebuke the physical evil powers in this world, and that they are to be brought down in their own snares, traps and doings –

We pray that you please have Mercy on your children, that you please call to your lost sheep. That you please have mercy abs break the veil of this evil spell and curse this world is under –

Please use your infinite majestic power to wash over and defeat this veil of forgetfulness – wash away this veil with your living water. As it is in heaven, so let it be on earth.

We thank you for your mercy, compassion and love.

In your sweet, beautiful Holy name we pray –


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